Drop off and Pick up ​
Please make sure your preschooler is prompt to each class. The beginning of each day is intentionally fun and welcoming to ease the transition into the classroom setting. HAVE YOUR CHILD EAT A MEAL, USE THE RESTROOM, AND WASH THEIR HANDS BEFORE THEY COME. Hungry bellies, potty breaks, and germs are contagious and end up wasting a lot of important school time. (Please see snack section – I promise we’re not starving your children!;))

When you arrive at the preschool, please be sure to COME IN AND SIGN YOUR CHILD IN AT THE NOTEBOOK NEAR THE FRONT DOOR. This is a requirement of the City of Chubbuck and must be adhered to.

You must also COME IN AND SIGN YOUR CHILD OUT UPON DEPARTURE FROM THE PRESCHOOL. It is not convenient, but it is for the safety of our preschoolers. If someone unfamiliar to our preschool will be picking up your child, please inform us.

Please be prompt picking up your child from preschool!  Other charges may be incurred if you are not prompt in picking up your child after class. For every 15 minutes late, I will a charge $5 fee. If you need to leave your child longer (or they need to come to preschool early), please visit with me to make arrangements.


Students will take turns bringing snacks to preschool. Dates assigned will be found on the monthly calendar that is posted in the F.I.S.H. book. Please read it carefully and make sure your child doesn’t miss his/her turn! The students need healthful snacks containing protein, fiber, and minimal sugar to keep them going! Great snacks ideas are: baby carrots, cheese sticks, tube yogurts, apple slices, pretzels, graham crackers, crackers and cheese, fruit pouches, baby oranges, granola bars, etc. The Health Dept requires all food be in sealed wrappers and be store-bought. In this small setting, we can usually make exceptions and ensure that food is properly cleaned, but please stick to the store-bought policy whenever possible. Drinks are not necessary as ice water will be provided.


You may bring a favorite treat or something special to school for your child’s birthday.  I try to assign the preschoolers’ snack days to the class date closest to their birthday. The birthday snack of choice will be distributed during snack time and the child will be provided with many special "birthday privileges" such as: a birthday story, birthday bag, and birthday song

Summer birthdays will be celebrated with an “unbirthday” throughout the year. It will be listed as such on the calendar and will be the same as the birthday celebration described above.

Sharing items

Each month we will have a “sharing item day”. Each child will get to stand up during our opening circle time, state their name, what they brought, and a couple of things about this item. Some will be naturals at this, others will slowly warm up to it. Each of them will build confidence, interpersonal skills, and relationships with their classmates through our sharing time. It is valuable in so many ways and so fun!  Make it a time together looking for fun items that excite your preschooler and strike up some dialogue about why they like it, where they got it, why it is special to them, etc! 

Social Media 

​We will post often to the Preschool Facebook page for you to see moments of your child in the classroom and what we have been working on. It is not a totally private account, but neither your nor your child’s name will be posted with any picture. Please refer to the policies you signed upon registration for information on the media policy waiver. 

​​Behavior Policy

At preschool age, the children are still learning many social and personal skills and I will be helping them with this. However, I do expect the children to treat me and others with respect and kindness. If there is an occasion where a child is misbehaving or acting inappropriately and will not respond to reason, I will ask him/her to sit in our "calming area” for one minute or until behavior has calmed and child is able to control him/herself. If the child continues unacceptable behavior after three “rests”, he/she will not be able to join our activities for the rest of that class period and a parent may be contacted. Please prepare your preschooler to exhibit good behavior during our class time as this will help all who are attending to have a good experience and get the most out of our activities and group learning. I reserve the right to dismiss any child whose behavior continues to be a hindrance to our classroom, learning, and the well-being of others - indefinitely and without refund.

Sick Policy

​Strive to have your student at preschool each day, but please observe their health each time and make an exception when he/she is sick. Please keep your child at home in the case of:

*Excessive coughing or barking, deep cough

*Discolored thick mucus from the nose or excessively runny nose

*Fever above 100




*pink eye

*head lice

*lethargic, achy, “I might be getting sick” kind of feeling

play it safe and keep them home. This will help us keep our preschoolers healthy and happy and prevent further absences. I will be calling for the child to be picked up if I determine he/she is exhibiting any of the above symptoms. I will send home make-up work or activities and make sure your child gets caught up quickly!

Calendar, Snow Days & Cancellation Policy

Stepping Stones Preschool will follow the School District 25 calendar, with the exception of start and end dates. We will begin preschool the first class day after Labor Day and end the week before the school district ends. We will follow all snow days and late-starts announced by the school district. After two cancelled days, we will begin to make up class time, unless otherwise discussed. I also reserve the right to two personal days where I may cancel class for personal or family reasons without making up the class. 

Tuition Policy

​Tuition is due on the first and before the 8th of each month. After that, I will add a late fee of $10 to the next month’s tuition (unless prior arrangements have been made with me). If your account becomes one month behind, your child will not be allowed to come to class until tuition is caught up to the current month.. You may pay electronically (Venmo is preferred), by cash, or by check. Please make checks payable to Stepping Stones Preschool or Angelene Larsen. You may pay for the entire year in the first month of the school year to receive a 5% discount.

Tuition is the same each month, even when there are varying number of classes from month to month. The days in class average out over the year and my lessons are planned for the entire year to meet our goals and finish our curriculum accordingly.

Other charges may be incurred if you are not prompt in picking up your child after class. For every 15 minutes late, I will a charge $5 fee. If you need to leave your child longer, please contact me or other teacher to make arrangements.

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