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2017-18 School Supplies List

Use permanent marker to label your student’s backpack. All other supplies will be shared. (Sharing is a skill preschoolers are still learning. Please gently explain the principle of community supplies to your child if you think it might be frustrating for him/her at first. I feel strongly that this an important principle for them to learn and work on it throughout the year in the classroom as well. Thank you! )

 ¨  Backpack (big enough to hold a school binder)
¨  One roll of paper towels (Viva or Bounty please)
¨  One pair Fiskar 5” blunt scissors
¨  Two 24-packs CRAYOLA crayons
¨  Six Elmers glue sticks (regular size)
¨  One 4oz. bottle of Elmer’s white school glue (no large bottles, please)
¨  One set CRAYOLA washable watercolor paints
¨  One box Washable Crayola thick classic markers
¨  Last name A-L: one container disinfecting wipes
    Last name M-Z: one container or pack of baby wipes